What has happened so far?

A man and a woman looking at a laptop together. They both have a thought bubble with a lightbulb icon and thumbs up in it.

The Committee has received a lot of great ideas.

They have received information about:

A map of Australia with a book icon and an arrow pointing down.

  • the number of people in Australia who have low levels of literacy

A sad man with his arms crossed and a question mark.

  • how low literacy affects people’s lives

A person helping a man read a form.

  • how we can help more adults learn to read and write.

A woman pointing at the important icon.

We think these are very important for the Committee to think about.

A stack of documents with the information and accessibility icons on them and an arrow pointing up.

But we also think the Committee needs to think about making sure there is more accessible information for the people who need it.